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Facilities at GB Champaign

Welcome to Gracie Barra Champaign in Illinois

Gracie Barra Champaign offers over 2,000 sq ft of mat space with premium Dollamur and wrestling mats. The school is also equipped with a private weight room for those interested in private strength training. Sanitation and cleanliness is always a priority at Gracie Barra Champaign. Our mats are swept and mopped with sanitizing disinfectant after each class.

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Gracie Barra also has a lounge area perfect for students waiting for their next class or parents waiting to pick their kids up from the Gracie Barra Kids program. Featuring numerous benches and sofas, the GB Champaign lounge is the perfect spot to talk to friends or visit the Pro Shop to get your Gracie Barra gear!

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